Employee Enrichment through Safety and Environmental Training

We provide a variety of training programs covering both general and specialized knowledge to promote employees’ awareness of preventing occupational injuries and work-related illness, as well as active participation in environmental conservation.

Training Structure

Training Structure

Training Examples

General Training

Holding of events associated with safety and health
At all sites, we hold various events associated with safety and health, providing employees with opportunities to raise their awareness. These events include a lecture on preventing heatstroke, a health class based on stretching, a health fair, driving aptitude assessment, and a lecture on traffic.

  • Lecture on prevention of heatstrokeLecture on prevention
    of heatstroke
  • Health classHealth class

Occupational Health and Safety Training

Education programs about chemical substances
We provided education programs about the dangers of chemical substances and preventive measures such as wearing protective equipment with the objective of preventing injuries and poisoning from chemical substances.

Forklift training
We invited external instructors to provide a lecture on forklifts and practical techniques for inspecting forklifts.

  • Education programs about chemical substancesEducation programs
    about chemical substances
  • Forklift trainingForklift training

Environmental Training

Training for the managers of wastewater treatment facilities
We provided the managers of wastewater treatment facilities with training on the control system for wastewater treatment and the procedure for responding to emergencies.

Lecture on ISO14001: 2015
TAIYO YUDEN (TIANJIN) invited a lecturer from an examination organization to have them explain the changes to the requirements in ISO14001: 2015.

  • Training for the managers of wastewater treatment facilitiesTraining for the managers
    of wastewater treatment
  • Lecture on ISO14001: 2015Lecture on ISO14001: 2015