Contributing to Society

Our corporate approach is to coexist harmoniously with the local communities and wider global society that our business touches. Toward that end we actively encourage tours of our factories, and promote community exchanges and exchanges with other companies as part of our activities to contribute to society.

Beautification Activities

Community Clean-Up Activities [ TAIYO YUDEN's Business Sites ]

We also put great effort into volunteer community clean-ups at each TAIYO YUDEN site. Our employees join together to beautify their surroundings. They clean up empty cans and garbage that have been left along roads or in roadside gutters as well as picking weeds.


TAIYO YUDEN (PHILIPPINES) has been planting mangroves every year since 2008, but they also carried out a beach clean-up of Olango Island in 2012 and collected 81kg of garbage that had washed ashore.

Community Exchange

Factory Tours [ TAIYO YUDEN's Business Sites ]

The TAIYO YUDEN Group accepts plant tours as one important way of keeping in contact with local communities.
TAIYO YUDEN MOBILE TECHNOLOGY was visited by about 80 elementary school students and about 20 high school students who were then briefed on the corporate activities of the TAIYO YUDEN Group and the products made at the plant.
University students visited TAIYO YUDEN (PHILIPPINES) and learned about the practice of environmental protection technologies. Moreover, 40 representatives from 28 groups also paid a visit and toured the safety practices in the workplace.

Donations to Local Communities

Support for Social Welfare Activities [ TAIYO YUDEN's Business Sites ]

The TAIYO YUDEN Group gives donations to local communities every year. The TAIYO YUDEN Group sites in Japan give donations to the Gunma Prefecture and Sato Traffic Orphans Welfare Fund. The Sato Traffic Orphans Welfare Fund was founded based on the contributions of the late Hikohachi Sato, who was the founder of TAIYO YUDEN. These funds are then used to give scholarships to traffic orphans and to hold traffic safety training.
KOREA TAIYO YUDEN and KOREA TONG YANG YUJUN run a traffic orphans fund and give out a scholarship twice a year. In addition, KOREA TAIYO YUDEN also donates a scholarship to an elementary school once a year.
TAIYO YUDEN (PHILIPPINES) donates daily necessities and money to welfare organizations and similar.

Support for SOS Children's Villages

SOS Children's Villages is an international child welfare organization that supports children who need help and children who lost their parents due to war, disasters, infectious diseases and major accidents. TAIYO YUDEN (TIANJIN) ELECTRONICS endorses the activities of this group. In 2012, the company encouraged employees to donate to the group and made a donation to the Children's Village in Tianjin, the first Japanese company to do so there.
In the future, the firm will continue to provide support to children in local communities.

Donations to the Victims of Typhoon Pablo

TAIYO YUDEN (PHILIPPINES) donated money, clothing, daily necessities and water to the victims of Typhoon Pablo twice in 2012.

Outside Awards

Receives Award of Excellence from Japan's THP Council
[ Tamamura Plant ]

Tamamura Plant received an award of excellence from the All-Japan THP Council, a government body belonging to the Japan Industrial Safety and Health Association that promotes total health programs.
The THP Council is comprised of organizations including the Labour Bureaus, Labour Standards Inspection Office, and Labour Standards Association. Its activities are aimed at contributing to the positive mental and physical health of working people. TAIYO YUDEN was recognized with the award for its many years of efforts to help its employees improve their lifestyle habits