Contributing to Society

Our corporate approach is to coexist harmoniously with the local communities and wider global society that our business touches. Toward that end we actively encourage tours of our factories, and promote community exchanges and exchanges with other companies as part of our activities to contribute to society.

Beautification Activities

Community Clean-Up Activities [ TAIYO YUDEN's Business Sites ]

We are committed our engagement in environment protection activities in the region at all sites of TAIYO YUDEN Group. Together with people in the communities, we are working hard to protect our environment in such ways as cleaning alongside the roads and weeding.

Reforestation Activities/Coast Cleanup [ TAIYO YUDEN (PHILIPPINES) ]

TAIYO YUDEN (PHILIPPINES) has been engaged in mangrove planting and seacoast cleanup activities on Olango Island.
We removed 126 kg of drift waste in 2013.

Community Exchange

Plant Tours/Work Experience Tours [ TAIYO YUDEN's Business Sites ]

TAIYO YUDEN Group has been hosting plant tours and work experience as one of the most important connection points with people in the communities. We have junior high school students in the neighborhood visiting Tamamura Plant every year in order to gain some working experience. They experience work at the plant through the experience program.

Donations to Local Communities

Support for Social Welfare Activities [ TAIYO YUDEN's Business Sites ]

TAIYO YUDEN Group makes contributions to many organizations every year.
Domestic sites of TAIYO YUDEN Group make contributions to the Sato Fund for Orphans from Traffic Accidents as well as to Gunma Prefecture.
The Sato Fund for Orphans from Traffic Accidents was founded by the founder of TAIYO YUDEN, the late Mr. Hikohachi Sato, supporting orphans from traffic accidents for their school tuition, as well as traffic safety education activities.
KOREA TAIYO YUDEN has been running a fund for orphans from traffic accidents to support their school tuition twice a year. They also make contributions for primary school tuition once a year.
TAIYO YUDEN (PHILIPPINES) provides commodities and cash to some organizations.

Restoration Support Activities after the Great East Japan Earthquake

START Lab, a joint venture of TAIYO YUDEN Group, has been devoted to restoration activities for the disaster-affected areas as well as victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011, in cooperation with THAT'S FUKUSHIMA.
We have printed the slogan, “Go for it, Japan”, on the packaging of DVD-R products of the That’s brand to send a message to all of Japan to inspire with the spirit of recovery from the disaster. We continue to be involved with the activity of donating part of our sales of That's brand products as relief funds to Date City of Fukushima Prefecture.

Support for Victims of Earthquakes and Typhoons

TAIYO YUDEN (PHILIPPINES) donated cash, clothing, daily necessities and bottles of water for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan, as well as the earthquake on Bohol Island in 2013.
We donated relief money through the Japanese Red Cross for the restoration of the disaster-affected areas.

Book Donations to Primary Schools in the area

We donated books to Jieshi primary school on International Children's Day on June 1, 2013, and had a great time with the children. As a member of the local community, we cherish and protect our children.

Outside Awards

Green Award at the Environment Conference

The Department of the Environment of Philippines (Central Visayas) held the 3rd Environment Conference, and we received the Green Award which is granted to corporations devoted to environment protection activities.

The Shi Jie Town Government of China awarded TAIYO YUDEN the title of “Respected Company”

The Shi Jie Town Government of China awarded TAIYO YUDEN the title of “Respected Company” for its social and environmental activities.