Safety and Environmental Audits

Triple audits evaluate each site's compliance, accident risk management, and the environmental impact situation aimed at producing continuous improvement.

External Audits

ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certification audits by certification authorities

Sites with ISO14001 or OHSAS18001 certification underwent the audits required to update or maintain such certification. These audits uncovered 10 nonconformities. The root causes were analyzed and corrective action was promptly taken in response to each issue. The nonconformities were minor issues relating to our management systems, and were not directly linked with environmental pollution or occupational accidents.

Number of Nonconformity Instances Found with External Audits

Number of Nonconformity Instances Found with External Audits

Nonconformity Examples

Nonconformity Examples

Internal Site Audits

Audits of site safety and environmental activities at regularly scheduled intervals allow us to compare sites.
(Domestic sites: Once every two years / Overseas sites: Once every three years)

In FY2015, audits were conducted at eight sites about health, safety, and environmental risks for preventing serious accidents. The following items were checked: drainage lines in sites (industrial wastewater, non-industrial wastewater, and rainwater) and identification of leakage risks; physical measures against leakage; preparation of emergency response procedures and providing training; measures for flammable chemicals; and electrical security control (risks of electrical shock and fire due to electrical leakage).
As 15 non conformities including imperfect measures for leakage risks and electrical shock risks were found, new measures were implemented.
By reflecting world-wide social requirements in a timely manner and benchmarking and sharing sites, we are improving the health & safety standards of the whole group.

Issue Examples

  • The full-water alarm on a relay tank on the industrial wastewater drainage line was not regularly inspected.
  • The secondary container had insufficient capacity in the event of wastewater leakage.
  • Electrical equipment near water needs to be equipped with an earth leakage circuit breaker to prevent electrical shock. Some devices had no such breakers.

Internal Audits

Audits targeting site departments on observance of safety and environment laws, target achievement, and performance.
(Between once and twice a year)

All sites conducted internal audits of their departments in accordance with their management systems. Priority areas were determined for each site, and 19 non conformities were uncovered as a result of conducting internal audits (for the Group in Japan). Corrective action was completed in all cases without delay, and after a follow-up check, it was reported to the managers that the management system has been effective in complying with the TAIYO YUDEN Group’s policies and goals.

Other Audits

On-site inspection of waste disposal contractors (Sites in Japan)

FY2015 saw on-site inspections and audits of 21 operators: Seven waste collection and transporting companies, three waste collection and transporting/intermediate processers, eleven intermediate processors and one purchaser of items that have a resale value. As a result, it was confirmed that all inspected operators are processing and disposing of waste in an appropriate fashion. The operators have been classified into three ranks from the results of these inspections, with the frequency of future inspections varying depending on the rank of the operator.