Employee Enrichment through Safety and Environmental Training

A wide variety of training programs covering everything from general knowledge through to fields requiring specialized knowledge and technology raise employee awareness of the necessity of preventing on-the-job injuries and work-related illness and aggressively tackling environmental preservation.

Training Structure

Training Structure

Training Examples

General Training

Health and safety event
We hold various events relating to occupational health and safety at all our sites. These are opportunities to improve the occupational health and safety awareness of our employees. For example, we hold occupational health and safety training, lifesaving courses, protective equipment seminars, salad bars, food consultations and site occupational health and safety rallies.

Mental health management courseHealth and safety event

Occupational Health and Safety Training

KYT (Hazard Prediction Training) and Pointing & Calling
Through KYT, we are looking to improve problem-solving capabilities while increasing sensitivity toward risk, and sharing and resolving information on hazards. Through pointing & calling at key points during work, we are improving concentration abilities and increasing personal safety skills with the enhancement of a desire to put this into practice in teamwork.

KYT (Hazard Prediction Training)KYT
(Hazard Prediction Training)

Environmental Training

Wastewater Treatment Facilities Manager Training (Specific Training)
We appropriately manage and purify the wastewater from our manufacturing processes with waste treatment facilities. In the wastewater treatment facilities manager training, we aim to improve the skills of managers so that they are able to respond to and evaluate changes in water due to the diversification of production by enabling them to understand the principles of wastewater treatment technologies.

Training principle of wastewater treatmentPrinciple training of wastewater treatment