Employee Enrichment through Safety and Environmental Training

A wide variety of training programs covering everything from general knowledge through to fields requiring specialized knowledge and technology raise employee awareness of the necessity of preventing on-the-job injuries and work-related illness and aggressively tackling environmental preservation.

Training Structure

Training Structure

Training Examples

General Training

Occupational Health and Safety Event
We hold various events relating to health and safety at all our sites. These are opportunities to improve the health and safety awareness of our employees. Events such as life-saving training, exercise lessons, health improvement fairs, and smoking cessation seminars were held.

  • Exercise lessonsExercise lessons
  • Health improvement fairsHealth improvement fairs

Occupational Health and Safety Training

Forklift training/Laser safety lecture
Forklift training was given by an external lecturer at each site. Lectures on case examples of accidents in general society and inspection methods, as well as training on operations and maneuvering were held. Each workplace has various devices using lasers. To prevent laser-related injuries, a lecture on laser safety was held and education on the dangers of lasers and measures against such dangers was given.

  • Forklift trainingForklift training
  • Laser safety lectureLaser safety lecture

Environmental Training

Education for waste managers
In order to appropriately manage waste, education on waste-related regulations (the responsibilities of businesses discharging waste), observation methods of waste processing consigners, and reuse/recycling technologies was given to employees who will become new waste managers.

  • Education for waste managersEducation for waste
  • Education for waste managersEducation for waste