Employee Enrichment through Safety and Environmental Training

A wide variety of training programs covering everything from general knowledge through to fields requiring specialized knowledge and technology raise employee awareness of the necessity of preventing on-the-job injuries and work-related illness and aggressively tackling environmental preservation.

Training Structure

Training Structure

Training Examples

General Training

Occupational Health and Safety Event
We hold various events relating to health and safety at all our sites. These are opportunities to improve the health and safety awareness of our employees. For example, we hold health and safety training, lifesaving courses, protective equipment seminars, health classes (salad bars) and traffic safety training.

  • Health class (salad bars)Health class (salad bars)
  • Traffic safety trainingTraffic safety training

Occupational Health and Safety Training

Static electricity disaster prevention/
local exhaust ventilation class

Static electricity disaster prevention/local exhaust ventilation classes were held across the sites provided by instructors invited from outside of the companies. We learned about the ignition mechanism of static electricity and its prevention measures. It is mandatory to install local exhaust ventilation systems at sites where specific chemical substances are handled. Classes were held by a professional body to learn the basics of local exhaust ventilation design and its inspection methods.

  • Static electricity disaster prevention classStatic electricity disaster
    prevention class
  • Local exhaust ventilation classLocal exhaust ventilation

Environmental Training

Energy-saving education
Energy-saving education was conducted mutually by the sites in order to initiate energy-saving measures, and a field trip also took place to increase awareness.

  • Energy-saving educationEnergy-saving education
  • Energy-saving educationEnergy-saving education