Our Efforts

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Energy saving through a centralized vacuum system for clean room [ WAKAYAMA TAIYO YUDEN ]

A new centralized vacuum system has been built by integrating the old system (decentralized type) in which each piece of equipment had its own vacuum pump. Installing a vacuum pump in a place far enough away from the production line floor reduced the air conditioning load, and resolved problems related to noise, dust, and maintenance.
The GHG emissions decreased by 64 tons-CO2e per year.

Centralized vacuum system

Vacuum pump

Energy saving by using exhaust heat to supply air to the printing machine [ NIIGATA TAIYO YUDEN ]

Recycling 60°C exhaust heat from a printing machine through a heat exchanger for the air supply to the machine reduced the power and gas consumption of its heater.
The GHG emissions decreased by 346 tons-CO2e per year.

Flow chart of the system

Heat exchanger

Reducing Water Use

Reducing water use by updating a water purifier [ TAIYO YUDEN MOBILE TECHNOLOGY ]

As a water purifier had become too old to handle the current scale of production, it was updated to accommodate the current amount of water use. Its deionization device eliminated the use of chemicals, reducing the environmental load. Because of its structure made of subsystems, the new water purifier system takes up less space and the stability of the water quality has improved.
The water use decreased by 30,552 tons per year.

Water purifier

Water purifier


Reduction in waste generation [ TAIYO YUDEN CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY ]

Punching debris generated by the production line had been treated as industrial waste.
It is now treated according to the noble metal refining recovery method and is recycled, reducing industrial waste.
The industrial waste decreased by 17 tons per year.

Noble metal refining