Our Efforts

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Energy conservation from the use of production equipment waste heat [ TAMAMURA PLANT ]

We have reduced the energy use of air supply heaters by collecting the waste heat at 80 - 90°C emitted from production equipment with a heat exchanger and then supplying and recycling this in the air supply of the production equipment.
The reduction in the amount of greenhouse gases comes to 20 tons-CO2e per year.

Waste heat recyclingWaste heat recycling

Energy conservation by changing the method of humidification

We used to carry out humidification by using a type of air conditioner that humidifies with boiler steam for electrostatic protection, but by changing to a humidification method in which pure water is sprayed directly in rooms, we have been able to decrease the operation rate of boilers, as well as reduce heavy fuel oil consumption and electricity consumption.
The reduction in the amount of greenhouse gases comes to 115 tons-CO2e per year.

Humidification with a spraying methodHumidification with a spraying method

Converting energy to natural gas [ TAIYO YUDEN (GUANGDONG) ]

Although we previously used diesel oil boilers, we have now converted the energy to natural gas.
In FY2012, we introduced natural gas boilers into the cafeteria and no.3 plant.
The reduction in the amount of greenhouse gases comes to approximately 5,600 tons-CO2e per year.

Natural gas boilerNatural gas boiler

Reducing Water Consumption

Product cutting machine wastewater recycling [ CHUKI SEIKI ]

We used to treat and discharge wastewater from product cutting machines, but we have been able to significantly reduce water consumption by filtering with a filter and reusing this wastewater.
The reduction in the amount of water comes to approximately 4,490 tons per year.

Filtering with a filterFiltering with a filter