Determining Environmental Impact of Corporate Activities

Detailed understanding and analysis of the environmental impact of corporate activities
is a prerequisite to devising various measures to improve this.

FY2014 Material Balance

The TAIYO YUDEN Group primarily produces electronic components for delivery to our customers, set manufacturers. These electronic components have a life cycle with only a small environmental impact during use. The bulk is during production, with the main environmental impact arising from energy and water consumption, emissions (including CO2) in the course of manufacture, waste, and waste water. The TAIYO YUDEN Group is striving to improve our environmental impact by first identifying and analyzing in detail this environmental impact and then taking such measures as minimizing the resources applied and conserving other energy and resources by improving production processes. TAIYO YUDEN Group products are used in electrical and electronic equipment, automobiles, and other products which become waste once their product lifetime is over. We are therefore also striving to remove toxic substances from these products.

Reasons for Changes from FY2013

The consumption of light diesel oil increased due to temporary backup power generation at TAIYO YUDEN (GUANGDONG).
Energy consumption and water consumption have increased due to an increase of production sites of TAIYO YUDEN MOBILE TECHNOLOGY.