Efforts and Status


Creation of "Safe workplace" culture

In order to create a “Safe workplace” culture, the educational system, which is the foundation of the entire Group, and the level of stratified training are improved for increasing the “knowledge” of all employees, and it enables them being aware of health and safety. In FY2013, the educational method for team leaders who are in key positions to pursue health and safety activities was reviewed to improve the educational level of stratified training. In addition, methods for raising awareness levels among employees in dangerous operations have been determined and began to be implemented, so that the employees can relate the health and safety awareness to their activities at the workplace. We will establish and implement our educational system for all employees to obtain the same level, or higher, of safety knowledge in the entire Group.

Methodological training for awareness improvementMethodological training for
awareness improvement


Reaching for the world’s standards level

In order to reach the world’s standard level of equipment safety operations, reviews of “Equipment Safety Standards,” which specifies risk prevention commonly acknowledged for production equipment, have been initiated, and we have been working on the improvement of the evaluation accuracy based on the standards. In FY2013, usage requirements of the controller were added to the equipment safety standards and updates were made on the standards, and education regarding the standard was provided for design and development personnel, accordingly. In addition, equipment safety experts (Safety Assessor Certification) have been trained in order to increase the evaluation accuracy based on the criteria. Further reviews of the standards will be initiated, and the standards have been evaluated from the equipment safety expert’s point of view.


Standardization of procedures for safe work

We listed potential dangers in all operations, and we have been establishing and reviewing procedures so that operators can work in the safe and hygienic environment. In FY2013, health and safety personnel have begun to re-extract the risks of sub-tasks (such as preparation and clean up, etc.) at sites, checked whether the operators become aware of such risks, and evaluated the compliance with health and safety rules set in the procedure manual. New basic rule for the entire Group comprises the introduction of lockout as a safety measure for dangerous operations, such as maintenance work. The lockout will be introduced in compliance with the new basic rule.


Minimization of toxicity and danger of chemical substances

In order to minimize toxicity and danger of chemical substances, measures against risks of operations in handing chemical substances are continuously implemented. In FY2013, labels of toxicity and danger of chemical substances are displayed on the containers and storage places of chemical substances, so that anybody can immediately recognize the potential dangers. Basic rule for preventing fire from electrical apparatus at the workplace, where many organic solvents are used and stored, was communicated throughout the Group. Measures for preventing fire were conducted based on the risk assessment and its evaluation result by following the rule. Risk extraction and its countermeasure will continue to be taken.  We continue to focus on potential dangers in order to minimize the toxicity and danger of chemical substances.

Display of toxicity and danger of chemical substancesDisplay of toxicity and danger of chemical substances


Strengthening of checking system

In order to strengthen our safety check system, our Occupational Health and Safety Inspection (Health and Safety patrol), which is a vital to the management of health and safety, has been improved. In FY2013, persons in charge of Occupational Health and Safety Inspection received trainings to identify the potential dangers in operation which were not observed during the inspections, based on a variety of information provided through education. Our inspection methods will continuously be improved in order to increase the level of our safety check system.



(1)Maintaining low incidence ratio for mental health problems

It has been 10 years since the group introduced a mental healthcare program. The importance of “Mental health” is gradually penetrating through our employees. In FY2013, “Line care training” for all managers and supervisors, “Support for leaving of absence and returning to work” and “Counseling” were conducted. The system was introduced and enables employees to find own stress by freely taking stress check with the system while taking preventive measures.
Counselors, nurses and public health nurses are available for individual counseling for those who have been identified as having high stress at the stress check. We will continue to promote activities that focus on preventing mental health so that it is possible for the employees to work in good health with early detection and treatment of such problems.

Line care trainingLine care training

Mental Healthcare System

G1 : Incidence Rate

(2)Keeping down abnormal checkup findings

In order to keep down abnormal checkup findings, we continue to provide (1) exercise guidance, (2) health guidance and (3) nutritional guidance, promoted mainly by nurses and public health nurses at each site. For recovery from lifestyle-related diseases, we have established and are running a health improvement program for those who have been identified as in need of health guidance from the results of regular health checks. In FY2013, we conducted physical fitness measurement as an exercise guidance. Our employees assessed the flexibility of their bodies and physical conditions, by using exercise bikes and taking a single-foot standing test with eye closed. By comparing their results with the national average, our employees can recognize the need for health promotion actions. We will continue to promote activities that focus on preventing and improving lifestyle-related diseases so that it is possible for our employees to work in good health.

Physical fitness measurementPhysical fitness measurement