To meet your needs that record digital hi-vision broadcasting, 「BD-R LTH TYPE」 has 25GB capacity for about 180 minutes with the high-resolution by the ground-based digital broadcasting, for about 130 minutes by the BS digital broadcasting. 

BD-R LTH is media for recording the high-definition television with high recording density and a steady record quality. To achieve high reliability, we applied the process technology and the development experience in the recording disk such as CD-R/DVD-R/DVD+R.

# LTH is the abbreviation for "Low To High".
An optical disc records or reads data based on the difference in the degree of reflection of the recording layers. BD-R LTH is said to be used for writing signals by converting the degree of reflection from "Low to High" during recording. On the other hand, CD-R and DVD-R convert the degree of reflection from "High to Low". The same holds true for BD-R HTL. However, you can use any of these without being concerned about the differences.

Disc type Data capacity Recording speed Usage
BD-R LTH 25GB 1-6x for video