Technical Presentations

The presentation of TAIYO YUDEN's products is now available with audio.



Product Category Overview

Radiation Noise Suppression in Vehicle Motors

CERAMIC CAPACITORS, INDUCTORS, NOISE SUPPRESSION COMPONENTS We will introduce examples of TAIYO YUDEN’s radiation noise suppression in vehicle motors.

Multilayer Ceramics Filter and Antenna for Smartphone

HIGH FREQUENCY PRODUCTS In the RF circuit blocks of smartphones and cell phones, there are a wide range of components including multilayer filters, multilayer antennas, SAW filters, duplexers, and modules.


FUNCTIONAL MODULES A component embedded wiring board, “EOMINTM” (an abbreviation of “Embedded Organic Module Involved Nanotechnology”), is more than a conventional component embedded wiring board.


INDUCTORS We are innovating inductors on a consistent basis in response to the advancement of equipment.




UNDER DEVELOPMENT Now, I am going to introduce the photovoltaic module level power management system that uses micro converters, which is under development by TAIYO YUDEN.

Front End Module Products for Mobile Phone

HIGH FREQUENCY PRODUCTS TAIYO YUDEN develops and manufactures each front end module for communication, using its own SAW filter, FBAR, and duplexer.

Polyacene Capacitors and Lithium Ion Capacitors

ENERGY DEVICE (SUPER CAPACITORS) There are various shapes in the Polyacene capacitors and Lithium Ion capacitors, such as ceramic type, coin type, thin film type, and cylinder type, and there is a wide range of product line-up from ceramic type of 10mF capacity Polyacene Capacitor at 3.2mm long by 2.5mm wide to cylinder type of 200F capacity Lithium Ion Capacitor.



Product Category Overview

High Frequency Products

HIGH FREQUENCY PRODUCTS We will take a look at TAIYO YUDEN's multilayer filter and antenna solutions in smartphones.


FUNCTIONAL MODULES The "EOMINTM" (Embedded Organic Module Involved Nanotechnology) parts embedded wiring board is highly reliable and allows for ...

SAW Devices

HIGH FREQUENCY PRODUCTS At TAIYO YUDEN we are developing and manufacturing devices that use Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW).


Product Category Overview

SAW/FBAR Devices

HIGH FREQUENCY PRODUCTS We introduce two of our unique technologies in this presentation.

Front End Module Products

HIGH FREQUENCY PRODUCTS TAIYO YUDEN develops and produces various types of Front End Modules for mobile phones, using our original ...


Product Category Overview

Proposed solutions for LED lighting

CERAMIC CAPACITORS, INDUCTORS, NOISE SUPPRESSION COMPONENTS we would like to present you our products lineup for power circuits of LED lightings.
Power Inductor Ver.2 INDUCTORS This program introduces the outline of our power inductors.
Components Selection Guide & Data Library -


Product Category Overview
EOMINTM FUNCTIONAL MODULES This program introduces our original technology, EOMINTM.
Anntena & Filter HIGH FREQUENCY PRODUCTS TAIYO YUDEN's multilayer filters and antennas are based on the high level multilayer technologies of MLCC ...


Product Category Overview
Power Inductor INDUCTORS Today, Compact Power Inductors are commonly found across a broad range of the most popular consumer electronics, ...
Polyacene Capacitor ENERGY DEVICE (SUPER CAPACITORS) Polyacene Capacitor is an organic semi-conductive capacitor using electric conductive polymer called Poly Acenic ...