High reliability at high temperatures and high stability Lithium Ion Capacitor Low energy and rechargeable can be charged and discharged for 10 years, avoid the risk of power interruption to your equipment and self discharge is infrequent
That is the Lithium Ion Capacitor.  Lithium Ion Capacitors have a short history.  The evolution of this energy device continues to evolve with unlimited potential.  We invite you to discover the potential of Taiyo Yuden’s Lithium Ion Capacitors.
  • STEP1 Comparison to other energy devices
  • STEP2 Special characteristics and stability of Lithium-ion Capacitors
  • STEP3 The fundamental principle of Lithium-ion capacitors

Application Examples

Development Story
Whitepaper TAIYO YUDEN Lithium Ion Capacitors
TY-COMPAS(Taiyo Yuden COMPonent Assist System)
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