Action Policy for Biodiversity Conservation

Examples of Biodiversity Conservation Efforts

Mangrove Tree Planting [ TAIYO YUDEN (PHILIPPINES) ]

In FY2008, TAIYO YUDEN (PHILIPPINES) began planting mangrove seedlings on Olango Island, near Mactan Island where the company is located. Every year 10,000 mangrove trees are planted.

Volunteering for Forest Maintenance [ TAIYO YUDEN ]

Since FY2007, TAIYO YUDEN has participated in a forest maintenance project run by Gunma Prefecture, involving corporate volunteer work. Every year, volunteers from TAIYO YUDEN have helped to maintain the "Taiyo no Mori" forest, joining with prefectural government employees to trim underbrush and thin trees.

Extermination of alien species (red swamp crawfish) [ NIIGATA TAIYO YUDEN ]

The crayfish is included in the list of designated Invasive Alien Species because they have disruptive effects on Japan's indigenous species including aquatic organisms and plants.
NIIGATA TAIYO YUDEN leads a biodiversity conservation activity every year in which employees and their family members exterminate crayfish. They also exterminate alien plants such as daisy fleabanes.