Quality Assurance System of TAIYO YUDEN

Basic Policy on Quality and Management

TAIYO YUDEN CO., LTD. and its affiliates and subsidiaries (hereafter called TAIYO YUDEN ) shall constantly regard reliable quality and ensuring product safety as utmost management issue. Hence, TAIYO YUDEN, as a global company, shall aim for continuous and persistent supply of customer-satisfying product to customers all over the world, and contribution to the society and its development. All employees of TAIYO YUDEN shall be aware that their work is directly involved in quality and act responsively for ensuring and enhancing quality and product safety.

TAIYO YUDEN shall perform quality management activities on "Basic policy on quality and management".

Basic Action Policy

Quality Action Policy

  1. Attitude toward Quality and Ensuring Product Safety The employees of TAIYO YUDEN (including CEO) shall act responsively for ensuring quality and product safety, and recognize that positive and proactive action toward dealing with quality and ensuring product safety is essential.
  2. Strong Leadership by CEO TAIYO YUDEN shall act on the leadership by CEO, and recognize that it is essential for ensuring quality and product safety. Resources necessary for quality management shall be assigned and allocated properly.
  3. Employee Involvement in Quality and Product Safety TAIYO YUDEN shall act with recognition that the management system as the whole organization is established only with employee involvement.
  4. Maintenance and Analysis of Quality Information System TAIYO YUDEN shall actively collect quality information from internal sources, customers and markets, and properly analyze information on quality incidents and on explicit or implicit signs against its occurrence. Consequently, TAIYO YUDEN shall prevent such incidents and, if they should happen, it shall prevent expansion and make early settlement.

Basic Action Policy on Product Safety and Product Liability (PL)

  1. TAIYO YUDEN, with its authority and responsibility, shall make best effort to perform systematic and organized action in order to achieve the action goals established for prevention of PL incidents occurrence.
  2. TAIYO YUDEN shall make training of it's employees regarding product safety and Product Liability (PL), and they shall constantly deepen their understanding.
  3. If Product Liability (PL) incidents should happen, TAIYO YUDEN shall make best effort to minimize the damage and settle the status promptly and properly.

Quality Action Guidelines

Act Consciously

  • Act to get trust of "customers" persistently.
  • Be involved and collaborate with employees in relevant sections.
  • Focus on failure rate, not on yield.
  • Do what you should do.
  • Seek for the effectiveness and the efficiency of the operation process in charge.

Monitor Criteria and Judge

  • Have visible process control, and sensitively detect quality abnormality and promptly report it to the supervisor.
  • Promote abnormal value management, and if abnormalities that may spill are detected, thoroughly perform quality abnormal treatment to the affected products.
  • Utilize quality information positively and promptly, and serve it as criteria monitoring.

Complete Settlement of the Problem

  • Detect the root cause and settle it, and think 5 whys.
  • Spread the countermeasures, and prevent a problem occurred by similar factors.
  • Take action for complete settlement.
  • Take cross-functional action for problem solving.
  • Constantly improve the process and actively repeat the PDCA cycle.

Manage properly

  • Take organizational training to arouse internal awareness of quality and product safety.
  • Be responsible for guidance of subcontractors and EMSs.
  • Try to maintain and enhance the level of production technology, evaluation technique, and to make best effort to stabilize production process and to detect quality abnormality.
  • Work thoroughly for standardization and systematization.
  • Global implement and maintenance of quality management by TAIYO YUDEN group.