Human Rights and Labor

Human Rights and Labor Policy

In recent years, companies have been required to carry out human rights due diligence based on the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. In Japan too, the government formulated the National Action Plan for Business and Human Rights in October 2020.

TAIYO YUDEN Group not only complies with the labor laws and regulations of each country in which it operates, it also supports and respects major international standards and rules for protecting human rights, such as the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, the UN Global Compact, the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and the standards of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA).

In May 2020, TAIYO YUDEN signed onto the UN Global Compact and has been acting in accordance with its “Ten Principles,” which are set out under the headings of Human Rights, Labor, the Environment, and Anti-Corruption.
Since FY2020, we have been participating in various subcommittees hosted by the Global Compact Network Japan such as the Human Rights Due Diligence (HRDD) Subcommittee and SDGs Subcommittee.

TAIYO YUDEN Group undergoes a third-party RBA-VAP audit of major sites on a regular basis to evaluate its compliance status with the RBA Code of Conduct. Also, we implement a number of initiatives to safeguard human rights more effectively, specifically, by assigning divisional personnel responsible for addressing issues related to human rights, labor, discrimination, and harassment, as well as building and operating the human rights and labor management system (including regular internal audits) in reference to the RBA Code of Conduct and other international standards. By promoting these initiatives, TAIYO YUDEN Group is aiming to become an enterprise that is trusted by society.

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Policies (CSR Code of Conduct)

Article 11 (Labor)

  1. No child labor, forced labor or its support, enhancement or promotion shall be made.
  2. Work conditions shall be controlled appropriately. (Wages, work hours, holidays etc.)

Article 12 (Respect of Human Rights, Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment)

  1. The diversity, personality and individuality shall be respected and the work environment without any discrimination shall be ensured.
  2. No power harassment or sexual harassment by authority shall be conducted.

CSR Code of Conduct

Labor and Human Rights Management Policy and Compliance Requirements

Prohibition of Child Labor / Forced Labor

TAIYO YUDEN Group is committed to the prohibition of child labor and forced labor.
To prevent child labor violations, each site confirms that prospective new hires have reached the legal working age before an offer of employment is made.
Also, the company presents the employment terms and conditions (which comply with local laws and regulations as well as international rules) to each prospective new hire and confirms their agreement before an employment contract is signed.

In case of personnel transfer requiring a change of residence, the company notifies the relevant employee and the labor union of the planned transfer at least one month in advance, in principle. If the labor union files an objection to any specific transfer questioning the appropriateness of the assignment or assignee or raising other issues, the company consults with the union to seek its agreement regarding the transfer.


Compliance rate: 100% in all countries and regions

FY2021 Results

Country or Region Employees
(in thousands)
Prohibition of Child Labor Prohibition of Forced Labor
Japan 6.0 100% 100%
USA, Europe 0.1 100% 100%
Greater China 4.3 100% 100%
South Korea 0.8 100% 100%
Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand 6.6 100% 100%
Philippines 4.4 100% 100%

Note: For information on health and safety, please refer to the Health and Safety Activities page.

Prohibition of Discrimination and Inhumane Treatment

TAIYO YUDEN Group is committed to the prevention of discrimination and inhumane treatment.
We respect the individuality of employees and prohibit discrimination based on nationality, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, or other attributes. Furthermore, in order to prevent all forms of harassment, we provide education to employees on a regular basis to increase their understanding of the issue.

For example, we give consideration to employees' religious customs by making a prayer room available for Muslim employees. We also provide advisory services for employees to use as necessary.
Also, we provide periodic human rights guidance to security guards, particularly with a focus on preventing incidents of harassment.

TAIYO YUDEN extends welfare benefits to all employees, regardless of whether they are employed on a regular or non-regular basis, such as health checkups and other medical care programs, compensation for workplace injuries and illnesses, and childcare and family care leave.

Labor and Human Rights Management System

TAIYO YUDEN Group develops and operates the labor and human rights management system to ensure an appropriate work environment where human rights are duly respected.
In order to implement specific initiatives, we have established the Labor and Human Rights Management Policy and Compliance Requirements, and each site conducts PDCA activities to make continuous improvements.

We have established management standards for human rights related to working conditions, including working hours, which are applied to the entire Group. We also perform risk assessment for labor issues and conduct necessary measures on a group-wide basis.

Labor and Human Rights Management Policy and Compliance Requirements


In order to help individual employee increase their understanding of issues related to respect for human rights and appropriate labor conditions, TAIYO YUDEN Group regularly provides employee training on such issues, particularly on the prohibition of child labor and forced labor, discrimination and inhumane treatment.

In FY2021, continuing from the previous year, we ran regular e-learning courses (including on the topic of harassment, human rights, sexual orientation etc.) for employees in Japan and shared the learning materials (including the English version) with all sites.
In addition, we conducted regular specialized training through e-learning for employees in the labor and human rights department in Japan.

  FY2019 FY2020 FY2021
Training on CSR Code of Conduct for Employees in Japan;
Article 11 (Labor)
Article 12 (Respect of Human Rights, Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment)
Participants: 4,521
participation rate: 93.1%
Participants: 4,847
participation rate: 92.3%
Participants: 5,110
participation rate: 94.1%
Specialized Training for Employees in the Labor and Human Rights Dept. in Japan Participants: 39
participation rate: 95.1%
Participants: 50
participation rate: 98.0%
Participants: 66
participation rate: 97.1%

Human rights and labor for temporary workers

TAIYO YUDEN Group (including overseas production plants) concludes agreements on human rights and labor and conducts regular evaluations such as audits and corrective actions with employment agencies, contractors and security / cafeteria / cleaning personnel (on-site) etc.

Labor Management

TAIYO YUDEN Group ensures that each site complies with applicable statutory standards for working hours, number of workdays, and holidays while understanding and working to satisfy the working conditions required by the RBA Code of Conduct.

Each site manages employees' working hours accurately with a highly reliable system, complies with applicable local laws and regulations regarding compensation, such as minimum wages and equal pay for equal work for men and women, and pays fair wages to each employee based on their performance. Also, we offer a range of leave programs, including paid leave as well as childcare and family care leave, and encourage employees to use the programs appropriately according to their needs and family situation. We are also working to prevent overwork and reduce overtime hours.

Note: For the childcare leave utilization rate, please refer to the Employee Data (TAIYO YUDEN) page.

Communication with Employees

Recognizing the importance of maintaining relationships based on mutual trust between employer and employees in order to facilitate business activities, TAIYO YUDEN Group creates opportunities for employer-employee communication, such as opinion exchange sessions.

Based on the policy of enabling "job satisfaction, a purposeful life, and a comfortable lifestyle," TAIYO YUDEN is working together with the labor union to improve the workplace environment.
When major changes are being made to operating practices, the company and the union hold discussions at meetings of the Central Labor-Management Council. In pursuit of common goals to achieve the ongoing development of the company, the Labor-Management Exploratory Committee holds meetings to discuss issues related to working conditions and the workplace environment. The company and union have concluded a collective labor agreement regarding occupational health and safety, based on which issues are discussed and examined. When engaging in collective bargaining, the company and the union observe agreed-on provisions setting forth the notification period and consultation and negotiation rules, engage respectfully with one another, and act in good faith and in an orderly manner.

Labor Union at TAIYO YUDEN
Number of members: 2,623
Participation rate (out of the entire workforce): 91.3% (as of the end of FY2021)