Internet of Things

TAIYO YUDEN's IoT (Internet of Things) covers various areas, from sensor nodes to data display.

Thanks to the technology of the "Internet of Things (IoT)," communications, previously used only in information and communications devices such as PCs and smartphones, have been spreading out to various devices around you.
In addition, more and more devices around you are being equipped with sensors and communications devices that work to collaborate with each other, encompassing people, homes, towns, and society.
TAIYO YUDEN has been developing wireless communications module products for many years and has achieved excellent sales results. With wireless communications modules as its core, TAIYO YUDEN is committed to developing and selling IoT system products, capitalizing on its strength of a high capability to support various wireless standards and systems, such as Sub-GHz, Bluetooth® low energy, wireless LAN, 3G, and LTE appropriate for each application, as well as many different wireless network systems, including the tree-type and star-type.

Data transmission from sensor nodes to gateways, and then gateways to data storage/display devices.

Data transmission from sensor nodes to gateways, and then gateways to data storage/display devices.

Application Example 1: Use in a Local Area Network (LAN)

Good for Environmental Control in Warehouses and Buildings

E.g., temperature, humidity, airflow, CO2 concentration

  • This system configuration does not require any monthly communications fee.
  • Sensor nodes can be customized in accordance with measurement targets.
  • Software shall be prepared separately to display measurement data.

■ Application example:
Environmental control in warehouses (for each shelf)

(Merchandise management, enhancing added value of warehouses)

■ Application example:
Environmental control in buildings

(Grasping the quantity of electricity usage and the effectiveness of air conditioning in office rooms)

Application Example

Customers can grasp environmental conditions in different buildings by installing multiple WLAN gateways.
*The number of gateways to be installed differs depending on the use environment.


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