Evaluation Tools

Evaluation Board and Evaluation Kit

Picture Part Number Description Module Overview
WBSACVLXY-1 WBSACVLXY-1 Evaluation Board for WLAN module WYSACVLXY-XX with mini USB interface. WYSACVLXY-XX V1.0
  • ■TAIYO YUDEN Evaluation board

  • ■Evaluation kit comprising WBSACVLXY-1 bundled with J-link Lite
    * To be provided around August 2016

Sample Codes

The applications built-in WYSACVLXY-XX allows you to develop wireless LAN functions in no time.
Arduino-based sample codes are available for customers to experience wireless LAN functions.

Sample applications:

Obtaining weather information on the Internet to tweet via Twitter

  • 1. Switch on
  • 2. Connect to an access point
  • 3. Obtain weather information on the Web
  • 4. Tweet the weather data via Twitter
  • 5. Disconnect from the access point

* Weather information is obtained from OpenWeatherMap.com.
* The OAuth authorization for Twitter uses arduino-tweet.appspot.com.
* Twitter is a trademark or a registered trademark of Twitter, Inc.

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