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TAIYO YUDEN's "Power Storage Devices (Capacitors)" include "Electric Double-Layer Capacitors" and "Lithium Ion Capacitors". These state-of-the-art power storage devices have superior durability as it relates to repeated charging and discharging operations. Our products enable a long life and a broad operating temperature range. TAIYO YUDEN is fully committed to the development of these devices with a focus on automotive and industrial equipment applications using the slogan "high temperature reliability and high safety".

Introductory Video

An easy to understand explanation of TAIYO YUDEN's "Power Storage Devices."

Positioning of Power Storage Devices

The following figure shows the positioning of various Power Storage Devices based on the two indices of "power density" and "energy density."

Advantages of Power Storage Devices

TAIYO YUDEN's Power Storage Devices possess power density, safety, and durability features that secondary batteries lack. The various advantages of "Electric Double-Layer Capacitors" and "Lithium Ion Capacitors" are introduced below.

Technical Information

The following explains the characteristics of the Power Storage Devices while comparing them to other devices.
  • Lithium Ion Batteries
    Storage method
  • Internal resistance
    • Low
    • Medium
    • High
  • Voltage
    Temperature range
    • 2.7–0V
    • 3.5–2.5V
    • to 4.3V
  • Voltage / Volume
    • 1
    • 2 to 3
    • 100
  • Charging/discharging
    • 100K+ Cycles
    • 10K+ Cycles
    • 500–1K Cycles
  • Self‐discharge
  • Safety
  • Necessity of voltage monitoring
    • None
    • Required
    • Required

Case Studies

Here are various cases where the advantages and features of TAIYO YUDEN's "Power Storage Devices" can be utilized as well as actual case studies.

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