Repel/absorb liquid  Component technology, 'Surface dampening'

Repel/make absorbable, 'Surface dampening'

In general, the component technology to repel or absorb liquid can be measured by 'Surface dampening'.
Multi functional fine surface coatings can control surface dampening of surface to be hydrophilic. The contact angle of stainless (SUS304-2B) water is about 80 degrees in which the surface becomes near water repellent. By establishing the normal multi functional fine surface coating on the surface of stainless, the contact angle would be about 70 degrees. Or the angle may be about 30-50 degrees for hydrophilic materials so that the surface would become quite easy to be wet.

Application and solution example by 'Surface dampening'

  1. 1 Mask for screen printing: Emulsion mask, metal mask
  2. 2 Solution for oil separating filter, ink jet nozzle
  3. 3 Anti-fouling film, process for water and oil repellency, process for hydrophilicity
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