Rust is difficult to form. Component technology, 'Corrosion resistance'

Corrosion resistance

Multi functional fine surface coating is appropriate for coating metals such as aluminum (Al) and iron (Fe), which are easy to become rusted. Corrosion such as rust can be prevented by coating a highly smoothed film onto the metal surface. Al5052, the aluminum material gets coated by multi functional fine surface coating and general corrosion resistance film. With salt spray testing, we compared the corrosion resistance of these two. Corrosion on the general film was verified after 24 hours whereas there was no corrosion verified after 700 hours for the multi functional fine surface coating.

●Salt spray testing (testing criteria JIS Z 2371 35℃ 5% NaCl solution) *Base Al5052

Prevention of 'rusted' condition by coating iron components

It prevents rust by coating multi functional fine surface coating.

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