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Theme parks

Spa Resort Hawaiians (Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture)


By introducing the Optical Wireless Communication equipment from TAIYO YUDEN, Spa Resort Hawaiians is number one in the world and a company that aims to run a resort facility that delights customers. They wanted to hide the wired LAN cables, etc. as much as possible and reduce the aspects that are visible to customers. TAIYO YUDEN was able to install the latest communication environment without significant modifications to the existing facility.

Installation location

Future Standard (assisted with the installation)


Because Spa Resort Hawaiians is a resort facility, large-scale construction was difficult. The introduction of a wireless LAN posed a significant technical challenge due to the radio wave interference caused by the large number of visitors using smartphones. We were able to resolve these issues with the Optical Wireless Communication equipment from TAIYO YUDEN. The construction was easy and only involved connecting a LAN cable to the Optical Wireless Communication equipment and adjusting the optical axis, which was a major benefit.
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