Wireless Sensor Network

TAIYO YUDEN's wireless sensor network

The number of devices connected to the Internet has been steadily increasing. It is estimated that several hundreds of millions of devices are connected today. Under the on-going proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT), the next-generation Internet where a wide variety of things can be connected, and big data that allows everything around us to be digitized for visualization, some people are even anticipating the explosive growth of the connected devices, with as many as several tens of billions of devices being connected in near future. Wireless sensor networks have become important elements for making the most of IoT and big data.
TAIYO YUDEN is offering wireless sensor networks based on our wide product lines of communications, sensing, and energy, in which wireless technology, power supply technology, optical technology, and composite technology that have been cultivated through the production of electronic parts are used in combination with each other.

Components of a wireless sensor network

This section explains the components of TAIYO YUDEN's wireless sensor network.
The components can be broadly divided into the following three categories: power generation and power storage devices shown in the orange portion on the left, wireless devices in the blue portion in the middle, and sensors in the green portion on the right.
The wireless devices can be selected from our wireless module line-ups. We can propose power generation devices and sensors best suited to your needs from products of TAIYO YUDEN and other vendors.
In addition, TAIYO YUDEN can support every aspect of wireless sensor networks, including uploading data to the cloud via a gateway or router and distributing data to your smartphone or other terminals, as shown in the upper half of this illustration.

TAIYO YUDEN's WSN total solution

Mechanism of a wireless sensor network

This section explains how a wireless sensor network works.
Devices with a built-in sensor (sensor nodes) are scattered to any locations where sensing is required, from your vicinity to houses and buildings, and even remote mountains and forests. Those scattered sensor nodes also have a small built-in radio communication unit, which can transmit data obtained from the sensor over wireless communications. Such communications are carried out not only between a gateway and a sensor node but also between a sensor node and another sensor node. The feature of wireless sensor networks is that they can realize the same function as the Internet over wireless communications without using cables.
Repeating data relays, those sensor nodes securely send data to the gateway. The gateway in turn sends the data to a server or the cloud. The server or cloud analyzes the data for convenient use.

Scenes where wireless sensor networks are used

Scenes where wireless sensor networks are used

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