Wireless Module
Software Embedded Wireless Module 920MHz Band
Part Number
Mass Production
Sub-1GHz Development KIT

Evaluation Board for 920MHz Band module SYSFCSAXX-XX with USB interface.

Sub-1GHz Development KIT Features (SKSFCSAXX)

Host MCU ARM® Cortex®-M4 32bits 72MHz 256KB Flash
Wireless Module SYSFCSAXX-XX
External Interface USB(FT232R) , Push switch x 2, DIP switchx1
LED(green/red) x 1, LED(red) x 1, JTAG connector x 2
Sensor Interface Seeed sensor connector compatible
System power source 3.3V
Power supply USB Bus power or 2pin connector (Hirose:DF13A-2P-1.25H) or 12pin power supply
5V (Max 6V)
Size Main board: 100mm x 21mm
I/F board 40mm x x21mm

Wireless Module Features (SYSFCSAXX-XX)

  • SMD type module. with trace Antenna
  • IEEE802.15.4 g/e PHY,MAC
  • Channel : 27 Channel (922.7MHz~927.9MHz)
  • Interface : UART (baud rate: 115.2Kbps / 38.4Kbps / 19.2Kbps / 9.6Kbps , default 115,2Kbps)
  • Built-in Application Processor, Flash Memory, Xtal, Power circuits
  • Software: Single-hop, Multi-hop connection stack
  • Outline: 30 x 21 x 2.6mm max
  • Package: Metal case package
  • Japan qualified (DataRate:100Kbps)
  • RoHS Conformity