Our Efforts

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Improved compressor operation efficiency [Haruna Plant, Nakanojo Plant, TAIYO YUDEN CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY, TAIYO YUDEN (GUANGDONG) CO., LTD.]

We run more than one compressor to supply compressed air to production lines, but the use of compressed air depends on the operation status of each production line.
To control the operation of compressors according to the required amount of compressed air, Haruna Plant, Nakanojo Plant, TAIYO YUDEN CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY, and TAIYO YUDEN (GUANGDONG) CO., LTD. modified their system by introducing a control board for controlling the number of compressors and inverter control. This improvement has resulted in the optimal operation of compressors, eliminating unnecessary electricity consumption.
The amount of GHG emissions reduced as a result was 223 tons-CO2e per year.
Compressors to supply compressed air

Energy conservation of dry room air conditioning system [TAIYO YUDEN ENERGY DEVICE]

In order to create an environment with low humidity, air-conditioned dry rooms are provided. We have updated the dehumidifiers that generate dry air to those with smaller
energy consumption. In addition, we have reduced the operation load on the humidifiers by circulating the air.
The amount of GHG emissions reduced as a result was 136 tons-CO2e per year.
Circulation by recycling emissions

Reduction of energy consumption by controlling heat dissipation from pipes

Since the temperature of the pipes that transmit steam can rise very high, they lose energy by dissipating heat. We measured the temperature of the pipes by thermography
and identified locations where the surface temperature rose (flanges and valves) and attached insulating materials to them. As a result of this countermeasure, unnecessary
heat dissipation from the pipes that were transmitting steam was suppressed, resulting in the reduction of load on the boiler facilities.
The amount of GHG emissions reduced as a result was 9 tons-CO2 per year.
Measurement of the steam pipe surface temperature

Reducing Water Use

Water conservation by recycling wastewater

In WAKAYAMA TAIYO YUDEN, the water recycling rate was increased by changing the process of treating water used for cutting from manual to automatic. In TAIYO YUDEN
(PHILIPPINES), water usage was reduced by recycling the water discharged during intermediate processes of the water treatment facilities in the cooling tower.
The amount of water reduced as a result was approximately 32,000 tons per year.