CES 2018


기간 January 9-12, 2018 
장소 Sands Expo, Tech West Sands Expo Hall: #44555 (Wearable Section)
부스 번호


TAIYO YUDEN Invites You to CES 2018!

We'll be at CES in 2018 again! Visit our exhibition booth at Sands Expo Hall, Wearable section, to learn about our latest technologies and solutions, or meet us at Venetian Hospitality Suite to know more about TAIYO YUDEN in individual discussions.


Wireless Technology Solutions
  • TAIYO YUDEN's entire product lineup of wireless module solutions for IoT market, including our Bluetooth® 5 modules as well as the other latest products, will be introduced and displayed at the show.
Optical Wireless Communication
  • TAIYO YUDEN's LED-based high-speed optical wireless communication as an alternate solution to radio-wave based wireless technology.
  • A possible solution to unusable wireless technology: under water, in pipes, in complex rotating mechanisms and more.
Multilayer Piezoelectric Actuators
  • Functional elements applicable to haptic technology, sound producing bodies, vibration control, etc.
  • Leveraging its unique high-efficiency piezoelectric material and multilayer technologies, TAIYO YUDEN answers a wide variety of customers’ needs who handle displacement and developed force in diverse fields, including consumer, automotive, and industrial equipment industries.
  • Focusing on the development of lead-free piezoelectric materials for immediate environmental benefits

More of our new products will be introduced, such as,

  • High Reliability Inductors for Industrial and Automotive
  • High Capacitance MLCC
  • Energy Device (Super Capacitor)
  • EOMIN Modules, etc

Please contact TAIYO YUDEN sales account managers for details.