Message from the President

We will achieve our social responsibility by
responding to our stakeholders' requirements and expectations.

Management Philosophy
  • Employee well-being
  • Betterment of
    local communities
  • Responsibility to provide returns to shareholders
Shoichi Tosaka, President and Representative Director

TAIYO YUDEN's Management Philosophy focuses on "employee well-being," "betterment of local communities" and "responsibility to provide returns to shareholders," and we aim to realize these three principles. Fulfillment of social role, work for public benefit and contribution to the community with a global perspective, as well as sustainable growth of the business, are considered as corporate social responsibility, and I believe these are our corporate mission to accomplish.

Our vision is to be "an excellent company that enjoys the trust and highest regard from our customers." In order to expand our business and increase our economic value, we will create Smart products which meet the market needs and make our products available for use in various markets. Moreover, by responding to the stakeholders' growing, sophisticated requirements and expectations and achieving our social responsibility, we strive to gain the trust and thereby enhance our social value.

To accomplish this goal, we will develop, produce and sell safe, high-quality Smart products. We also take responsibility for our activities related with labor and human rights, safety and health, environment and ethics, and will continue to work on these activities.

Shoichi Tosaka, President and Representative Director