You can develop IoT products in no time! TAIYO YUDEN's simply controllable IoT modules are recommended.

TAIYO YUDEN's software embedded wireless LAN modules allow you to develop IoT devices with ease.

TAIYO YUDEN's software embedded wireless LAN modules are wireless modules suitable for IoT-related networks in the industrial equipment market (e.g., robot control and other M2M applications, bar-code scanning handy terminals) and the environment and energy market (e.g., lighting control and other HEMS applications, smart meters). The LAN modules consist of the following two types.

・ TAIYO YUDEN's proprietary software, TAIYO YUDEN Standard Application for Wireless-LAN, has been installed.
・ Only simple external commands are needed to enable wireless communications.
・ The development period required to incorporate wireless communications functions into your devices can be reduced significantly.

・ Using the SDK, you can freely develop applications to be incorporated into the module.
・ Software that controls customer applications and wireless functions can be consolidated into the module.

Chart to Select the Optimally Suited Module

This wireless LAN module is recommended for your application.

Time to market is the key
Proposal of a solution for rapid commercialization

The most important thing to consider when you incorporate wireless communications functions into your self-developed devices or instruments is "time to market." In other words, you are facing the challenge of how you can reduce the period until materialization or commercialization. Development involving wireless communications will face a mountain of time-consuming challenges for designers, including antenna tuning, radio law certification, and software development. As a countermeasure, TAIYO YUDEN has realized easy-to-design and easy-to-understand development steps. This is a solution that allows you to commercialize your products in a reduced period of time.

Easy to design, easy to understand! TAIYO YUDEN's unique steps to commercialization
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