Compliance Rules for Labor and Human Rights

1. Ban of child labor

  1. TAIYO YUDEN GROUP must not apply the child labor at any phases in production. "Child" is supposed to be under 15 years old (or can be under 14, if the law decides working age is 14 years old in the applicable area), or compulsory education age in the applicable area, any age under the working age here.
  2. Young worker (who is supposed to be over the child age, and also less than 18 years old) is not applicable for overtime work, midnight work, or any work which can be harmful or dangerous in physical or mental growth.

2. Ban of enforced labor

  1. TAIYO YUDEN GROUP must not have employees engage in any kind of enforced labor, debt or slave labor, involuntary prison labor.
  2. GROUP must not ask employees to pay deposit, or to submit officially issued ID, passport. Also, GROUP must have employees not required to pay any commisson relating recruiting.
  3. GROUP must give employees right to take off the working site during break time or after working hours, and also to finish the employment contract with rational inform.

3. Securing health and safety

  1. TAIYO YUDEN GROUP must provide safe and hygienic working environment and maintain Safety and Environment Management System based on OHSAS18001, secure the health and safety of the people concerned.
  2. GROUP must provide clean rest room, safe drinking water. In case of providing cafeteria, must provide clean cafeteria equipment or food storage equipment.
  3. In case of providing dormitory, it must clean and safe, secured basic conditions.

4. Freedom of association

  1. TAIYO YUDEN GROUP must respect the right to associate without any fear of revenge, threat, harassment, to entre the union, to join a protest action, labor council in accordance with the laws and regulations in the nation. In case of need, it shall be possible to adopt a proper alternative (such as social gathering between labor and employer).

5. Ban of employment based on discrimination

  1. TAIYO YUDEN GROUP must not engage in or support discrimination in hiring, remuneration, access to training, promotion, termination, or retirement based on race, color, nationality, language, ethnicity, social origin, religion, disability, age, gender, sexual orientation, pregnancy, marital status, union membership, political affiliation, HIV positive. Similarly, GROUP must not interfere in employee's principle and custom, and not obstruct the exercise of right.
  2. GROUP must not conduct any physical examination or pregnancy test with the discriminatory purpose.

6. Ban of inhumane treatment

  1. TAIYO YUDEN GROUP must not conduct or tolerate severe and inhumane behavior which includes sexual harassment and abuse, physical punishment, mental or physical extortion, verbal abuse.
  2. Discipline policy and its procedures must be clearly defined and transmitted to employees.

7. Proper working hours

  1. TAIYO YUDEN GROUP must comply with the laws and regulations applied to labor hour, holiday and vacation in each nation as well as extra duty. A workweek should not be more than 60 hour per week, except in emergency or unusual situations. Employees shall have at least one day off every seven days.

8. Remuneration / Wage

  1. TAIYO YUDEN GROUP must pay the wage to the employees in compliance with all wage-related regulations including minimum wage, extra wage and legal benefits.
  2. GROUP must show the breakdown of wage and allowance clearly in detail regularly. Compensation shall be paid by cash, check or bank transfer as long as convenient to employees.
  3. Payroll deduction should not be conducted due to disciplinaray reason.
  4. In case of extra duty, additional allowance must be paid on every extra duty hours based on the laws and regulations in the nation.