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What kind of ceramic capacitors are there?

There are various kind of ceramic capacitors. We are introducing following ceramic capacitors in our catalog.

* Capacitance range is as of September 2014.
Product Name Capacitance Range Description
Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors(High dielectric type) 100pF - 330uF

These products are intended mainly for power lines. They are best fit for backup and voltage smoothing.

Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors(Temperature compensating type) 0.2pF - 1000pF

Capacitance change by temperature and voltage are very small in these products. They are best fit for circuits that require fixed capacitance such as filters.

Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors for High Frequency Applications (1GHz+) 0.2pF - 22pF

Since these products have low capacitance and high self-resonant frequency, they are fit for use in high frequency range. They also have low electrical loss, therefore, they are best fit for matching circuit, etc.

Super Low Distortion Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors 390pF - 0.1uF

These products are superior in electrical and mechanical strength and have high heat resistance. Therefore, shock noise and electrical distortion caused by them are small. They are fit for PLL and oscilator circuit, etc.

Low Distortion High Value Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors(CF_LD) 0.22uF - 10uF

These products have both low electrical distortion and high capacitance. They are effective for preventing self-ringing.

Medium-High Voltage Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors 1000pF - 2.2uF

These products have high rated voltage. They are intended for high voltage lines.

LW Reversal Decoupling Capacitors (LWDCTM) 0.1uF - 22uF

Since these products have low ESR and ESL, they are superior in canceling ripple current and high frequency noise. They are best fit for decoupling, etc. They also have enough capacitance to be used for voltage smoothing circuit.

High Reliability Application Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors 0.047uF - 10uF

These products are intended for equipments that require high reliability such as industrial and automotive equipments, etc.

Axial Leaded Ceramic Capacitors 1pF - 10uF

These products are general purpose capacitors available even at sections where surface mount cannot be done.

MLCC (High dielectric type) for Industrial / Automotive Comfort and Safety Applications 1000pF - 220uF

These products have higher reliablity than above ones. They have enough reliabality to be used for industrial equipments, etc.

MLCC (Temperature compensating type) for Industrial / Automotive Comfort and Safety Applications 0.2pF - 1000pF
Medium-High Voltage MLCC for Industrial / Automotive Comfort and Safety Applications 1000pF - 2.2uF
LW Reversal Decoupling MLCC (LWDCTM) for Industrial / Automotive Comfort and Safety Applications 0.1uF - 22uF

You can find features and applications of these products in TY-COMPAS, a web application for searching and displaying specifications and characteristics of our products. Please use it for finding information of our products. The list of each product is summarized in our catalogs. Please read them as an another kind of information source.

Please contact your sales office for products not included in catalogs.