Regarding application development

Resources provided by Nordic Semiconductor
SDK including Profile/ Service standardized by Bluetooth®SIG are provided.
Customers will be able to develop application software by using SDK.

Various resources including SDK can be acquired from the following website of Nordic Semiconductor.

* All resources are available.
   The MDK (Microcontroller Development Kit) must be separately acquired.
    Keil MDK ARM is recommended.

Flow of application development

  1. Step1: Purchase an Evaluation Kit.
  2. Step2: Obtain an SDK and other resources from Nordic Semiconductor’s website, and read documentation.
  3. Step3: Verify the operation of the sample application in the SDK. Try running the Heart Rate Demo.
  4. Step4: Now you are ready to start to develop your own application.

Main resources

  • ・ nRF5x SDK・・・・・・・・・・・・SDK for application development
  • ・ nRF5x Softdevice・・・・Protocol for Bluetooth® low energy
  • ・ nRFgo Studio・・・・・・・・・・・Tools such as RF test and firmware writing
  • ・ Master Control Panel・・・・・Pseudo Master (Central) tools
  • ・ Other rich documents can be acquired.


By using various resources provided by Nordic such as Developer Zone, WebSupport and Infocenter, it is possible to acquire a variety of knowledge/information necessary for nRF5x development.

Developer story   We have a history of being deeply involved with development from Bluetooth® v 1.0.