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Power Supply

Structure diagram
Application P/N Series Appearance Name  
1 Capacitors □MK Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (High Dielectric Type) search
□MK Medium-High Voltage Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors search
2 Noise Suppression
BK Multilayer Chip Bead Inductors (BK Series) search
BKP Multilayer Chip Bead Inductors for Power Lines (BK Series P Type) search
FBM□ Chip Bead Inductors for Power Lines (FB Series M Type) search
3 Power Inductors CB□ Wire-wound Chip Power Inductors (CB Series) search
NR□ SMD Power Inductors (NR Series H Type/S Type/V Type) search
NS SMD Power Inductors (NS Series) search

Development Story
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