Development Story The story of our Lithium Ion Capacitors that we can expect to gain a lot more market share in future.
High Power Density + High Capacity That is the attraction of Lithium Ion Capacitors.
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The Story Behind the Lithium Ion Capacitor

Sato:There are electrical double-layer capacitors, and Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries, and now there are the Lithium Ion capacitors that we have developed. Even among engineers, there are not so many people who understand the differences clearly.
As we explain on the special page, the special features of the Lithium Ion capacitor that we have developed is that it is a hybrid capacitor that combines the "long life" of electric double-layer capacitors, which can be recharged multiple times, with the "high capacitance" of Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries.
In particular it has outstanding high temperature characteristics (Usable temperature range: -25~85℃), and is notable for the fact that it can be used at a range of temperatures broader than the usual limited range of rechargeable batteries. In addition, it has the ability to store electricity even at low energies (low voltage), which is something rechargeable batteries cannot do. Further, it has superlative safety characteristics. Since the amount of self discharge is small, self ignition becomes extremely unlikely. These merits make it suitable for use in a range of applications.

Ishida:Looking back over the history of electrochemical capacitors, it started with electrical double-layer capacitors, which were first made into a product in Japan in the late 1970's. Then they started being used in various home appliances in the 1990's, and from the 2000's they have become used in mobile phones and digital cameras. At present, the various capacitors produce by TAIYO YUDEN, like our other electronic components, have achieved a high reputation in the field of consumer devices.
By the way, the technology behind TAIYO YUDEN's Lithium Ion capacitor was actually designed with two aims in mind. The first was to use the high power density to develop a high-volume capacitor for use in energy recovery, or as a back up, for automobiles and industrial machinery The other aim was to develop a low-volume capacitor, that could be used in consumer devices such as smartphones, tablets, mobile phones, digital cameras and PC's.
TAIYO YUDEN produces many components that hold a top market share in the field of comsumer devices, including many that involve high engineering skill, such as small and thin form components – in particular the cylinder type low-volume capacitor stands out – but we intend in the future to put more of our efforts into developing high-volume capacitors.

Mr. Ishida answering questions (Engineer)

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Development Story

High Power Density + High Capacitance

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