Introduction of optical displacement sensor development kit

We offer a development kit for you to determine whether to use an optical displacement sensor. This kit consists of a sensor head, which detects displacement; a circuit module, which processes analog data; and the software, which is used to output the data. The software is used not only to output data but also to convert the data to CSV format for data analysis with Excel later on. While this is a development kit, it is a system kit that can be used to conduct tests immediately, provided that the necessary conditions are met (i.e. it depends on the condition at the installation site.) For details on the sale of sensors for mass production, contact us separately.

●Hardware configuration and specifications ●Software configuration ●Contents of the operation manual

・ Sensor head
・ Drive circuit module
・ USB cable

・Waveform display
・ Data acquisition
*Windows 7/8/8.1/10

・Initialization method
・ Software usage method
・ Sensor usage method

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