Visible light communication

The advantage of TAIYO YUDEN's visible light communication technology

The advantage of TAIYO YUDEN's visible light communication technology is the realization of high-speed optical communications based on general-purpose LEDs. Although the communication speed of LED-based optical communications under normal conditions is 10 Mbps at most, TAIYO YUDEN independently developed a technology that increases communication speed approximately 10-fold.

The images below show eye patterns with and without YAIYO YUDEN's LED-based high-speed communication technology (an eye pattern can be used as an indicator of communication quality). In high-speed communications at a speed of 125 Mbps, communications without TAIYO YUDEN's technology totally failed due to comprehensive error, whereas communications with the technology were virtually free from errors. These results demonstrate the high effectiveness of YAIYO YUDEN's LED-based high-speed communication technology.

Note that while the dimensions of the visible light communication module prototype used for the evaluation are 24 mm × 32 mm, they can be changed in accordance with your needs.


  • High-speed communications (up to 200 Mbps) based on low-cost general-purpose LEDs
  • Customizable communication distance, bound, and interface
  • Easy adjustment and guaranteed security thanks to the use of visible light (communication is available only in lighted conditions)
  • No need to adhere to laws and regulations (Each country has its own laws and regulations concerning radio waves.)
  • Further high-speed communications by using stacked LEDs of different colors
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