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Strengths of the Bluetooth® Low Energy Module

A rich lineup that meets ever-diversifying needs

Bluetooth® Low Energy Module
  • 3.25 x 8.55 x 0.85 (1.00) mm
  • 5.1 x 11.3 x 1.3 mm
  • 9.6 x 12.9 x 2.0(1.4)mm
  • 10.0 x 15.4 x 2.0 mm
Evaluation Board/Kit
  • Evaluation board
  • Evaluation kit
  • Sensor Node Development Kit
<Product Features> *For detailed specifications, please check the product information.
  • Compatible with various sizes (3.25 x 8.55 x 0.85 - 10.0 x 15.4 x 2.0 mm)
  • Compatible with BT Ver.5.0
  • High-grade product (ANT standard-compatible model/BT Ver.5.0-compatible)
  • Low power consumption model (32.768 kHz built-in quartz)
  • Contains an original TAIYO YUDEN application built-in module
Chip Set
  • nRF52840
  • nRF52833
  • nRF52832
  • nRF52811
  • nRF52810
  • nRF51422
  • nRF51822

Providing a total solution package, including antennas and filters

TAIYO YUDEN solutions cover not only wireless modules, but also a vast array of configurations and requirements. We use internally manufactured key components in our products that support many different types of wireless modules. Our wireless module products have the highest level of component technology that is proven in the industry.
Passive Elements
  • Diplexer
  • SAW filter
  • Chip antenna
  • Power inductor
  • Condenser
  • High-frequency inductor
Downsizing Technology
Narrow-pitch IC mounting
Ultrafine chip mounting
Shield molding technology
What is shield molding technology?
Technology that allows for optimum miniaturization by sealing the module in a plastic molding and covering the surface in a metal film so that the metal case for blocking noise from the interior/exterior is no longer necessary.
Module Lineup

Support for customer products through the market launch phase

When it comes to incorporating Bluetooth® low energy solutions into devices and equipment developed in-house, TAIYO YUDEN's wireless solutions provide products that are simple in design and development and that are easily understandable, which shorten the time needed to go to market. Time to production in minimized and our customers are supported with a complete one-stop solution that covers everything from software to authentication support.
Excellent Versatility
No need to consider wireless part development, built-in antenna
Guaranteed Reliability
Thorough design guide, guaranteed wireless performance
Evaluation Tools
Application development prepared with built-in general-purpose CPU, development evaluation board prepared
  • Evaluation board
  • Application development
Reduction in work and costs of various certification
Radio law certification obtained (Japan, U.S., Canada)
SIG certification obtained (as a module)
No need for high-frequency design technology/high-frequency evaluation technology