CSR Management

The TAIYO YUDEN Group acts as one to carry out management based on our CSR Charter.

CSR Charter and CSR Code of Conduct

The TAIYO YUDEN Group's management philosophy is to support the happiness of employees, contribute to local communities, and take responsibility for producing dividends for shareholders. The Group works hard to build good relationships with all stakeholders and to raise corporate value.
To present this way of thinking more clearly to stakeholders, in 2005 the CSR Charter (TAIYO YUDEN Group's Charter on Social Responsibility) was established.
The following year, in 2006, specific action policies were established to ensure that employees adhere to the letter and spirit of the CSR Charter in the form of a CSR Code of Conduct (Code of Conduct Regarding Social Responsibilities of the TAIYO YUDEN Group).

CSR Activities Promotion Framework

In the Group's CSR activities, overall management is provided by the Internal Control Committee. The promotion organization is comprised of officers in charge and HQ divisions appointed for each provision of the Code of Conduct and each applicable risk, and management is carried out according to a system (the Compliance and Risk Management System) implemented by each group company in accordance with the activity policy and rules in common established by the promotion organization.

CSR organization chart

CSR Management System

The TAIYO YUDEN Group has built a CSR management system to achieve the goals set forth in our CSR Charter and assure compliance with the CSR Code of Conduct.
In carrying out CSR activities, we follow the provisions of our Code of Conduct and comply with laws and regulations as a matter of course. We also have a framework and rules in place for promoting proper conduct and all of our group sites employ a management system based on the plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle.
These activities are checked through internal audits and a notification system. An annual review of CSR performance is conducted and activities are continually being improved.

CSR system outline

Examples of Efforts

Actively engaging in CSR efforts for sustainable development.

Encouraging and Facilitating CSR

At TAIYO YUDEN we actively provide education to encourage and facilitate the understanding and implementation of CSR. To deepen understanding of our CSR Code of Conduct, we have created and distributed to all officers and employees the CSR Code of Conduct Handbook that uses simplified explanations with illustrations.
In addition, we hold seminars for management personnel given by visiting lecturers, and periodically carry out an e-Learning program and other measures for non-management-level employees. We also hold group training sessions for employees upon first entering the company or at the time of a promotion.

CSR Code of Conduct Handbook

Internal Notification

At TAIYO YUDEN we have introduced an internal notification system aimed at quickly discovering and correcting any behavior in the workplace that either violates or threatens to violate laws or internal regulations. This system has been designed to encourage use when pressure might exist within the organization to not report such behavior.
This system also protects whistle-blowers, prohibiting treatment that penalizes the whistle-blower for reporting improper behavior, for example; it also allows for anonymous notification.

Compliance and Risk Management

At TAIYO YUDEN compliance and risk management is a key activity of our CSR management system.
The laws and regulations that require compliance are listed by organization along with the risks that might adversely affect business, and regulatory compliance procedures and risk mitigation measures are drafted and implemented as part of the system.
New laws/regulations and risks are regularly added to the list and the compliance procedures and mitigation measures pertaining to existing laws/regulations and risks are reassessed for aptness each fiscal term. We are making thorough efforts to achieve regulatory compliance and prevent and minimize risks.

Risk listing