Discover technologies and solutions (TY-Discovery)

  • Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

    Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors The demand of multilayer ceramic capacitors with over 100μF capacitance is increasing for industrial devices such as communication infrastructures, etc.

  • Conductive polymer hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitors

    Conductive polymer hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitors are best-suited for onboard equipment and industrial machinery that require high capacities and high voltage resistance.

  • Power Storage Devices

    TAIYO YUDEN's Power Storage Devices possess power density, safety, and durability features that secondary batteries lack.

  • Piezoelectric Actuators

    The Piezoelectric Actuators The Piezoelectric Actuators provide not only oscillations, but delicate and high-quality tactile sensations based on piezoelectric element technologies. This enables applications in touch devices through tactile functions.

  • High Reliability Products

    High Reliability Products We are responding to demands for the industrial equipment sector (e.g. vehicles, medical care, communications infrastructure, robots and FA).

  • Optical Wireless Communication

    Optical Wireless Communication Proposing the third communication method, in addition to wired and radio communications.

  • Smell Sensorprototype

    Can we see smells?
    Technology for visualizing smells is under development!
    Smell analysis technology accelerated by AI


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