Tomomi Fujita

Outside, Independent Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Tomomi Fujita

Date of birth: November 4, 1980

  • Apr. 2003

    Admitted to the Japan Federation of Bar Associations (to the present)

  • Oct. 2004

    Associate of Kitahama Partners

  • Jan. 2012

    Partner of Kitahama Partners (left the firm in March 2016)

  • Apr. 2016

    Partner of Innoventier (to the present)

  • Apr. 2018

    Assistant Lecturer of KYOTO UNIVERSITY LAW SCHOOL (to the present)

  • Jun. 2019

    Outside Director (Audit & Supervisory Committee Member) of TAKUMA CO., LTD. (to the present)

  • Jun. 2019

    Outside, Independent Audit & Supervisory Board Member of the Company (to the present)

  • Feb. 2020

    Vice President of Licensing Executives Society Japan (to the present)

Reasons for appointment
Ms. Tomomi Fujita has abundant experience as an attorney and a thorough knowledge of legal affairs in general and corporate legal affairs in particular. As such, she has sufficient insight to audit corporate management. For these reasons, Ms. Fujita was appointed as candidate for Independent Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member as she is expected to be able to audit management decisions at meeting of the Board of Directors and business execution by Directors objectively based on her strong expertise. Although Ms. Fujita has not been involved in corporate management in ways other than being an outside officer, it was judged for the above-mentioned reasons that she would be able to appropriately execute the duties of Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member.