Sustainability in TAIYO YUDEN Group

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To a Sustainable Future through the Wonders of Science

TAIYO YUDEN Group established the new mission of being "Stronger and more socially aware through the wonders of science".

SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are a collection of various social issues. We believe that applying our creativity and innovation, in other words innovating society to be better to solve these issues is essential.
The wonders of science generates incidental discoveries and inspirational encounters, leads innovative solutions and expansion into new areas of scientific advancement, and opens the door to the future to realize these goals.
Through the wonders of science, we pursue people’s safe, secure, comfortable, and convenient lives and contributes to the realization of sustainable social infrastructure as a member of society.

As a company that continues to grow through supporting the evolution of electronics technology, we will create greater economic value, and as a company that contributes to the realization of a sustainable future, we will continue to enhance social value.
Through striving for this, TAIYO YUDEN Group aims to be an excellent company that enjoys the trust and highest regard from all stakeholders.

Shoichi Tosaka, President and Representative Director
Shoichi Tosaka
Shoichi Tosaka
President and Chief Executive Officer

Sustainability Committee Structure

The Sustainability Committee convoke a quarterly to discuss solutions to sustainability issues, including materiality. We receive activity reports from ESG-related committees (Safety & Environmental MS, Environmental Promotion, TGS, Health Promotion, and Information Security) and deliberate on them.
These contents will be reported to the Board of Directors by the President and Representative Director, who is the Chairman of the Sustainability Committee, and will be deliberated appropriately.

Sustainability Committee Structure


Materiality (Key Issues) Identification Process

In order to achieve our mission, "Stronger and more socially aware through the wonders of science", we have identified our more important issues as materiality.

Materiality (Key Issues) Identification Process


Category Economic Value Social Value
  • Strengthen core technologies to make our core business grow
  • Create solutions to solve social issues
  • Strengthen measures to address climate change
  • Use resources effectively and contribute to create recycling society
  • Achieve health-oriented management and work style reforms at safety first workplace
  • Train and develop human resources based on the diversity policy
  • Improve management quality to support business growth
  • Establish and evolve BCM for disaster and infectious disease

Net sales
480 billion yen

Operating margin
15% or higher

ROE 15% or higher

ROIC 10% or higher

GHG emissions
  • Absolute amount
    FY2030 25% reduction
    * compared with FY2020
Waste, Water usage
  • Basic unit (sales quantity)
    FY2025 10% reduction
    * compared with FY2020
Safe & secure workplace
Optimization of group base functions
  • Creating safe, comfortable and environmental friendly workplaces
  • Incidence rate of injuries and illness < 0.016
  • Accident frequency rate < 0.08
Work style reforms Diversity
  • Work engagement: 2.5 or higher
  • Rate of newly recruited female graduates: 30% or higher
SDGs Targets

Stakeholder Communication

Communication with Employees
Communication with Customers
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Audit by Customer
  • Exhibition and Product Explanation Event Information
Communication with Supply Chain
Communication with
Shareholders and Investors
  • Financial Results Briefing
  • General Meeting of Shareholders IR Events
  • Investor Visit
Communication with Local Community