Information Disclosure Policy

1.Basic Stance Regarding Information Disclosure

Under the TAIYO YUDEN Group CSR Charter, TAIYO YUDEN pledges to "promote widespread communication with society and disclose corporate information on a timely basis in an appropriate manner." The Group's CSR Code of Conduct, meanwhile, states, "It shall be fully recognized that corporate information such as management information contributes to the profit of investors and the information shall be externally disclosed." Accordingly, the basic stance of the TAIYO YUDEN Group is to conduct information disclosure that is timely, appropriate, accurate, fair and honest. This stance is in consistent with information disclosure as stipulated by Japan's Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, the Companies Act, and other relevant laws, as well as timely disclosure requirements pursuant to Securities Listing Regulations and Related Rules from the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

2.Standards for Information Disclosure

In line with its basic stance regarding information disclosure, TAIYO YUDEN publicly discloses the following information.

  • 1) Information for which disclosure is mandated by relevant laws and regulations
  • 2)Information deemed to impact investor decision that is not specified in (1) above but can be made public

3.Information Disclosure Methods

The Company discloses information through several channels. These include TDnet, the system for timely distribution of information offered by the Tokyo Stock Exchange; the Financial Services Agency's EDINET electronic disclosure system for securities reports and similar filings; as well as press releases, the Company's corporate website, press conferences, and explanatory presentations. To improve convenience for shareholders and investors, information is jointly disclosed in Japanese and English.

4.Period of Silence

TAIYO YUDEN observes a period of silence each quarter beginning on the day following the closing date of its financial accounts and ending with the public disclosure of quarterly results to prevent leakage of information on financial results and maintain fairness. During this period, the Company will not answer any inquiries or make any comments regarding financial results.
However, answers and comments for all other inquiries pertaining to previously released information will be offered as normal during the period of silence.


Forward-looking statements and other non-historical facts contained in publicly disclosed plans, business forecasts, strategies, assurances and other information are, as a rule, based on projections, assumptions and knowledge that reflect information currently available to TAIYO YUDEN. Due to the inherent uncertainty of such statements, TAIYO YUDEN offers no guarantees as to their objective validity, nor any guarantees that future results will unfold as stated. Readers are advised that actual results may differ materially from such statements or fluctuate due to a variety of unknown and uncontrollable factors.
Information disclosure is designed to deepen understanding of the Company among the public, and is not intended as an inducement to invest. Be cautioned that the reader assumes all responsibility for his or her own investment-related decisions.