Mission, Management Philosophy, Vision


Stronger and more socially aware through
the wonders of science

TAIYO YUDEN’s electronic components are critical in the manufacturing of various pieces of electronic equipment. Our products support the evolution of electronics technology that is indispensable for people’s safe, secure, comfortable, and convenient lives.

In order to create, advance, and deliver these small but important electronic components to every corner of society, we are seeking to broaden and increase the depth of new knowledge while pursuing the sophistication of our technologies and skills.
Meanwhile, the strengths that we have accumulated throughout our history have generated incidental discoveries and inspirational encounters, which opened the door to unexpected future of innovative solutions and expansion into new areas of scientific advancement.
The foundation of this process is “the wonders of science,” which is the source of TAIYO YUDEN's corporate value enhancement.

As a company that continues to grow, we will create greater economic value.
As a company that contributes to the realization of a better society, we will continue to enhance social value.
As a member of society, our constant and enduring aspiration is to fulfill this mission.

Management Philosophy

Employee well-being
Betterment of local communities
Responsibility to provide returns to shareholders

The founder of TAIYO YUDEN developed this management philosophy thinking that a company can fulfill its social and public responsibilities by ensuring that its employees and their families can lead a happy and fulfilling life.

As a common value of the Group, our employees keep it in mind to put the management philosophy in practice in the course of their daily business execution.


To be an excellent company that enjoys the trust
and highest regard from all stakeholders

The Company will aim to continue to be a company that wins the trust of customers, business partners, shareholders, local communities, employees, etc., by meeting their expectations and requests and enjoys highest regards from them by providing values that exceed their expectations and requests.

To realize this vision, we will develop, manufacture and sell smart products that are safe and high quality meeting markets’ needs and take responsibility for initiatives we conduct in the areas of labor, human rights, safety and health, the environment as well as ethics as we continue our activities.

To be an excellent company that enjoys the trust and highest regard from all stakeholders