Anti-Bribery Basic Policy

In addition to observing applicable laws and regulations, TAIYO YUDEN Group is striving to prevent bribery throughout its business activities by prohibiting any entertainment or gift-giving which is socially inappropriate or in violation of applicable laws and regulations in accordance to" TAIYO YUDEN Group Code of Conduct on Social Responsibilities (CSR Code of Conduct)".

Anti-Bribery Measures

TAIYO YUDEN Group has established an internal system to prevent bribery by setting up company rules and regulations as well as guidelines for individual countries, and by conducting educational and awareness-raising activities for all executives and employees of its Group companies periodically. In addition, TAIYO YUDEN Group is not only striving to reduce risks by regular monitoring but also taking appropriate actions such as disciplinary action when any violation of its internal rules and regulations has been discovered.

There was no disciplinary action or fine in FY2018.

Relationships with Politics and Government

TAIYO YUDEN Group has established a policy regarding politics and government and comply with laws in each country and region.

Policy (CSR Code of Conduct Article 16-1)

In order to maintain healthy and proper relationship with politics and government, bribe-giving and misleading acts shall be never made.

There was no Political Donation in FY 2018.