Piezoelectric Pressure Wave Sensor

Advantages of TAIYO YUDEN's piezoelectric pressure wave sensors

These small piezoelectric pressure wave sensors with high performance and ultra-low power consumption are developed by incorporating intelligence into highly sensitive piezoelectric elements produced based on TAIYO YUDEN's materials technology.
We have developed an intelligent sensor device that can detect microscopic changes in the pressure and vibration of various objects directly or indirectly with high sensitivity.


  • The sensor unit uses highly sensitive piezoelectric elements designed and developed in-house.
  • Further improved sensitivity can be achieved based on a high-performance instrumentation amplifier and programmable-gain amplifier.
  • Continuous data transfer based on BLE can be achieved.

Module structure

A piezoelectric pressure wave sensor module is composed of a sensor block and a control circuit board.

Sensor Block

  • Piezoelectric sensor with an SUS ring
  • A measurement amplifier is employed.

Control circuit board

  • PGA
  • 10-bit A/D converter
  • A BLE module supporting continuous data transmission is included.
  • CR2032

Example implementation

This piezoelectric pressure wave sensor module can be installed in a wristband-style sensor holder.

Example structure

Available Android applications compatible with this sensor

  • Smart Pulse Analyzer 3 (can be used by multiple users, vascular age analysis function, continuous pulse wave analysis function)
  • fftwaveusb 2 (pulse wave FFT analysis function)

Analysis screen for vascular age based on Smart Pulse Analyzer 3

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