Medical and Health Care

Many different measurements have been conducted in the areas of medical and health care. In addition, devices have increasingly become electronified and automated, and many high-precision sensors are now used for applications that did not employ them in the past or for measurements that require higher precision.
TAIYO YUDEN's piezoelectric pressure wave sensors enable continuous output of very clear acceleration plethysmogram waveforms, including high-precision hardness information for arterial walls and the sensing of respiratory and body-motion signals, that previously had been impossible to achieve.

Example applications in medical and health care

Pulse wave sensing

In comparison to other sensors, piezoelectric pressure wave sensors can continuously output very clear acceleration plethysmogram waveforms, including information on the hardness of arterial walls.

Pulse wave sensing
Waveform detection mechanism Acceleration plethysmogram waveform

Waveform detection mechanism

Acceleration plethysmogram waveform

Comparison with pulse oximeter type pulse sensors

  Piezoelectric Pressure Wave Sensor Pulse Oximeter Type Sensors
Principle of pulse wave measurement A piezoelectric element directly detects the vibration of blood vessel walls. The expansion of a blood vessel cause by the vibration of the blood vessel wall is detected via the amount of LED light absorbed by hemoglobin in blood contained in the blood vessel.
Measurable data

High-resolution acceleration waveforms of pulse waves. (linear from 0.1 to 200 Hz)

Piezoelectric Pressure Wave Sensor

Blood oxygenation level
Plethysmogram waveform (low resolution)

Pulse Oximeter Type Sensors
Irregular pulses
Hardness of blood vessels ×
Level of stress, pain, and arteriosclerosis  
Real time processing
Acceleration plethysmogram can be observed in real time.
Disturbance Software measurements are applied to large noises that are caused by arm or finger movements. Relatively resistant, although not perfect
Power consumption of the sensor The piezoelectric element does not consume electric power; only the amplifier consumes electric power (in microwatt amounts). Continuous use of LEDs requires power consumption on a milliwatt scale. Sensors using LEDs are not suitable for wearable devices that perform continuous measurements.

Respiration sensing

  • A sensor with an embedded air-bag senses respiratory or body-motion signals.
  • Suitable for integration into a seat or a seatbelt.
Respiration sensing system
Example of a respiration waveform
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