Photovoltaics are accompanied by difficult-to-find failures and losses. Abnormalities PV Wireless String Monitoring System solmiv(TM) Prevention of Power Generated Loss PV Micro Converter solhueru(TM)

A major issue with current photovoltaic systems is that even when only parts of the solar panels (PV modules) have failures, problems, or are shaded, the amount of power generation from the other remaining PV modules also declines.
Current systems also have an additional problem in that it is difficult to find failures and problems before upcoming periodic inspections.

The photovoltaic market as a power generating business has been expanding rapidly. The efficiency of power generation by solar panels (PV modules) is often focused in photovoltaics. However, did you know that the efficiency of power generation is largely influenced by failures in a fraction of the PV modules, equipment problems, and obstacles such as wires and trees shading PV modules?
The amount of power generation has been significantly reduced due to failures or problems in just a fraction of the hundreds or thousands of PV modules present.
A reduction in power generation loss is a significant point with respect to return of investment. It is important to minimize this power reduction through the quick detection of problems.
TAIYO YUDEN proposes two solutions for photovoltaics used in mega solar power plants and other facilities: PV Wireless String Monitoring System "solmivTM", which can realize the early detection of failures and abnormalities; and PV Micro Converter "solhueruTM", which can prevent power generation loss.

Important point for return of investment
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