Health-Oriented Management Activities

TAIYO YUDEN Group, through the pursuit of creating the work place where the employees can work with a sound mind in a sound body, has been improving the energy and productivity in the company, in order to realize much higher corporate value.

TAIYO YUDEN Group: Health-Oriented Management

As one of the principles comprising our Management Philosophy, we uphold "Employee Well-being," for which we need to promote the physical and mental health of employees as a management priority, so that individual employees can work with vigor and satisfaction and fully demonstrate their unique characteristics and abilities at their workplaces. To this end we will establish an organizational system to support employees and raise their awareness toward health promotion, thereby helping them and their families lead sound and fulfilling lives.

Shoichi Tosaka
Chief Healthcare Officer
March, 2019

Promotion Structure for Health-Oriented Management

In order to promoting Health-Oriented Management, TAIYO YUDEN Group has newly nominated CHO: Chief Healthcare Officer (Shoichi Tosaka) and also, set up "Health-Promotion Committee" as the axial function for preparing and enforcing policies as well as promoting performances.
For a specific action process, as enforcing policies appropriate to the realities in the work place are preferred, the policies should be determined in "Health-Creating Promotion Council" set forth in each business site for confirming their developing status.

Health-Support Medium-Term plan

By formulating Health-Support Medium-Term plan, TAIYO YUDEN Group is making further contribution for improving health of employees.

Disease risk reduction against lifestyle diseases

  • Determining and executing Corporate No-Smoking rules in full scale
  • Improving eating habits
  • Setting up fitness habits
  • Preventive measures against becoming critical status
  • Higher medical examination rate of dependent family members

Improving mental disorder risk

  • Backing up highly-stressed work place
  • Preventive actions against starting symptoms

Establishing Health-Oriented Management Promotion Structure