Basic Policy

In addition to observing applicable laws and regulations, TAIYO YUDEN Group is striving to prevent bribery throughout its business activities by prohibiting any entertainment or gift-giving which is socially inappropriate or in violation of applicable laws and regulations in accordance to" TAIYO YUDEN Group Code of Conduct on Social Responsibilities (CSR Code of Conduct)".

Policy (CSR Code of Conduct Article 15-1)

The entertainment and gift to the customers, and from the business partners shall be limited to the minimum within the scope of social common sense and moderate relationship shall be maintained.

Measures and Achievements

Risk assessment

TAIYO YUDEN Group defines the following as bribery risks.

  • Entertainment and gifts for civil servants
  • Entertainment and gifts to clients (sales partners, agents)
  • Entertainment and gifts from suppliers

Of these, entertainment and gifts to civil servants are evaluated as a significant risk because they lead to compliance problems. We have established "Regulations on entertainment/gifts and antibribery by TAIYO YUDEN Group" regarding bribery prevention, and have established guidelines for each country/region.


TAIYO YUDEN Group has established procedures in common regulations for the prevention of bribery. When executives and employees entertain and give gifts, we require prior application and reporting using internal systems, etc., and external personnel check the objectivity and save records. If we find an act that violates the rules, we will take appropriate action.
We also continuously monitor entertainment and gifts, and report the results to directors through the Internal Control Committee.
Furthermore, in order to reduce bribery risks in suppliers, we have distributed “Requests to Our Suppliers” to prevent bribery.


TAIYO YUDEN Group has taken up the prohibition of entertainment gifts in its annual CSR education. FY2021 annual anti-corruption training was took by 84% of employees, in TAIYO YUDEN Group in Japan. In addition, overseas group companies conduct the training periodically to raise awareness.


There was no disciplinary action or fines in FY2021.

Relationships with Politics and Government

TAIYO YUDEN Group has established a policy regarding politics and government and comply with laws in each country and region.

Policy (CSR Code of Conduct Article 16-1)

In order to maintain healthy and proper relationship with politics and government, bribe-giving and misleading acts shall be never made.

There was no Political Donation in FY2021.