Component Library for Analog Devices LTspice (2020.12 Ver.1.2)

Analog Devices LTspice is a circuit simulator supplied by Analog Devices. We have developed a component library for Analog Devices LTspice including Temperature/DC bias models of multilayer ceramic capacitors and inductors. Please use this library for your circuit design.

Title Size
Installation & Usage Guide 429KB
Component Library (Download page) -
Introduction of Temperature/DC Bias Model 200KB
Conditions of measurement, recommended usage of our component data in the simulations 247KB
Products included in Component Library for Analog Devices LTspice 10.7KB

Change Log

Current version of "Component Library for Analog Devices LTspice" is 1.2. (LT_TY12.zip)

  • 2020/12/14

    Multilayer ceramic capacitors are added. Please refer to this document for details.

  • 2020/10/19

    Revised for 2021 Catalog.

  • 2020/04/17

    Distribution of Ver1.0 started.