Application and solution by Surface dampening

Mask for screen printing (Silk screen and metal mask)

Printing side and the inside aperture of the masks for screen printing, such as emulsion mask and metal mask, will be coated with the multi functional fine surface coating for water and oil repellency. This improves the quality of pasting, smears from printing and plate releasing. It leads to better quality of printing functions dramatically.

Printing test result metal mask used 30 times continuously (without cleaning)

As a result of a printing test using a metal mask continuously 30 times without cleaning; smears occurred on the 15th test with an un-processed metal mask. Pattern bridge (short) occurred on the 17th test. In comparison, the metal mask with multi functional fine surface coating coating had no problem even after 30 times of continuous use. Improvement of production efficiency is anticipated due to coating multi functional fine surface coating on masks for printing (commonly known as: M2 coat)

Solder printing result for 0402 size condenser 20 times cleaning-less test

20 times continuous printing test, cleaning-less (Metal mask 0.075mmt)
Opening 0.2x0.185mm Solder particle size 20-36μm (TYPE-4)

Transition of printing column, printing height on 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th times
With multi functional fine surface coating, it doesn't fluctuate much and is stable.

Reduction of molten material (dross) at the time of the laser process metal mask

Multi functional fine surface coating is effective especially when it is difficult to eliminate dross after laser processing on thinner boards (30μm -), or when wishing not to alter or harm base material. Occurrence of dross can be prevented by coating water and oil repellency multi functional fine surface coating on metal board before laser process (commonly known as: M3).
No need for chemical polishing or electric field polishing so it is an environment-friendly process without creating waste fluid. Printing performance is much greater as compared to the M2 coat.

(example) Coat multi functional fine surface coating on stainless steel plate (SUS board)

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