Difficult for stain to adhere on  bacterium. Component technology, 'Zeta potential'

Zeta potential designed to be on the negative side

Zeta potentials of organisms (cells) or structure materials (proteins, lipoids) are often negatively charged so condensation is difficult. On the other hand, metals such as stainless steel has positive potential around pH7 which attracts the adhesion of organisms. Multi functional fine surface coating designs zeta potential to the negative side dramatically so organisms, proteins and lipoids would not adhere much to the surface.
Coated multi functional fine surface coating on stainless steel and analyzed bacterial adhesion protective effect using E. coli. As a result, the prevention of biomolecule adhesion effect was confirmed. Moreover, multi functional fine surface coating does not have constraint condition such as "light" for photocatalysts

Prevention of secondary contamination caused by food manufacturing machines

Prevention of secondary contamination from human hands

The multi functional fine surface coating will reduce sticking to objects and suppress uneven agitation, thereby increasing agitation efficiency. This will eliminate the need for powder, which will also have the effect of reducing the chance of secondary contamination.

Fouling (impurities) adhesion prevention for food, medical chemicals and the medical equipment manufacturing line

Improvement of washability using water on the manufacturing line

In the food, medical and pharmaceutical industries, the adhesion of impurities on manufacturing equipment, called "fouling", is a serious problem to cause the degradation of production efficiency and bacterial pollution. The washing condition has not been established fully due to the complexity of foodstuffs and other structural components.

Food, chemical and medical equipment manufacturing line
It prevents adhesion of fouling (impurities),
and bacterial pollution.


Improvement of repletion of flowing solutions

It prevents adhesion of microscopic specimens in a solution which is used to for biochips such as μ-TAS on the channel wall.

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