Preventing light reflection. Component technology, 'Reflection (UV disperse)'

Reflection (ultraviolet dispersion, UV dispersion) prevention

Multi functional fine surface coating has reflection (UV dispersion) prevention effect.
Lower reflection rate may be obtained by coating multi functional fine surface coating onto stainless mesh compared to UV dispersion prevention mesh on market.

Printing mask for stainless mesh screen

Diffused reflection when exposed to UV rays can be decreased and the pattern edge can become sharper by using multi functional fine surface coating coated stainless mesh as a filter of screen printing mask.

"Other effect due to coating multi functional fine surface coating on stainless mesh"
→Suppresses emulsion screen mask distortion and deformation

General method to hold together mesh intersection points in order to prevent distortion and deformation on emulsion screen mask is by nickel metal plating (Ni) on mesh. The problem of this method is mesh opening may be narrowed due to thickness of Ni metal plate.
Distortion and deformation can be prevented without narrowing openings by coating multi functional fine surface coating onto the mesh.

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