Operation status of TAIYO YUDEN Group production base due to the influence of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) [Update September 13]

Update:2021-09-13 7:00 PM

TOKYO, September 13, 2021 ― We would like to inform you about the spread of the coronavirus infection and effects to the production activities of the TAIYO YUDEN Group.


Announcement date




September 13

Malaysian subsidiary TAIYO YUDEN (SARAWAK) SDN. BHD. resumed its operation from September 11th.


August 10

Malaysian Subsidiary TAIYO YUDEN (SARAWAK) SDN. BHD., due to the confirmation of our employees infection of COVID-19, suspended the operation of some of the manufacturing processes to ensure the safety of our employees. Under the guidance of the health authorities, disinfection of the factory and quarantine of necessary employees are taken in place.



We will continue to work with health authorities and other related parties to prevent the spread of infection and also minimize the impact to our business partners. We truly appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


We truly appreciate your understanding and cooperation.